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International Contemporary and Classical Modern Art. The expert art consulting staff at Studio NOVO Artspace offers corporate and private clients the widest range of personalized budget planning, art research, presentations, acquisition, framing and installation services.


Based in Cologne, the origins of today’s art market Germany for classic modern art, post-war art and contemporary art go back to the year 1967. Kunstmarkt Köln ’67 was launched on 15 September 1967 in a historic Cologne building – the Gürzenich.

In medieval times it served as an arena for festivities, banquets and dances. Later, it served as a merchants‘ hall. The launch of the Kunstmarkt Köln ’67 was to have a profound impact on the international art market. The founders of the new fair were Cologne-based gallerists – Their project was sparked by the urgency of the need to put new life into the lacklustre art market in West Germany. Although the immediate post-war period saw a tremendous revival in art and radical changes to public attitudes to modern art, the art market in West Germany faltered. Even today, North Rhine-Westphalia and its neighbouring federal states have very high concentrations of business and industry – and art collectors

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Contemporary Artists:

  • Albert Brahaj
  • Eddy Novarro
  • Alina Ada Lungu
  • Jürgen Gromoll
  • Georg Schnitzler
  • Marlene Lees
  • Robert Mohren
  • Helena Katsiavara
Alina Ada Lungu, Woman in Berlin, Oil on canvas

Classical Modern:

  • Jean Tinguely
  • Daniel Spoerri
  • Armand Fernandez
  • Max Bill
  • Lajos Kassák
  • László Moholy-Nagy
  • Otto Freundlich
  • Carl Buchheister
  • Rudolf Jahns
  • Zao Wou-Ki
  • Roy Lichtenstein
  • Andy Warhol
  • Otto Dix
  • Erich Heckel
  • George Grosz
Otto Freundlich 1925
Otto Freundlich, Coposition 1925 – Oil on cancvas

Rare Books:

  • Artists‘ books
  • First Edition Books
  • Signed, Inscribed…
  • Avantgarde books

Lajos Kassak MA




  • Eddy Novarro
  • Robert Mohren


Potrait of Willem de Kooning photographed by Novarro

vernissage-novarro2-159                                 Introduction to the exhibition: Prof. Klaus Honnef


Discover our upcoming exhibitions:

Georg Schnitzler > NEW Paintings 18.05. – 10.06.2018

Alina Ada Lungu > Imprints & Layers 15.06. – 15.09.2018

Marlene Lees > Body Language 21.09. – 20.10.2018

Plakat Schnitzler


Current Exhibition:

Robert Mohren > The Cosmos Within 13.04. – 15.05.2018

View our latest catalog online The Cosmos Within




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