Stepping Into Another World


If you meet artist Alina Ada Lungu you invariably have the impression to be in another time. That was how I felt about her at our first encounter in Berlin. The first impression was: I am in the turn of the 20th century. A encounter that will stay into my memory forever. If you could travel through time, you would probably have met this young dainty person at the higher peaks of Paris, Montmartre. Artists such as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Edgar Degas, Paul Cézanne or Emile Zola would have had their real pleasure.

Alina Ada Lungu 5

Lungu´s paintings are „time-collages with a utopian outcome“explains her teacher in Berlin, Prof. Werner Liebmann, who wrote the preface of the catalog for the exhibition“ Contemporary Velázquez „. It is not about the representation of reality. – Time plays an important role instead. „There are paintings reminiscences, demands by the ancient masters.“ The references to Velàsquez, Caravaggio, El Greco are obviously intended and belong to it. Art is based on art.  This includes also  the contemporaries such as Neo Rauch, who studied with Bernhard Heisig in Leipzig as well as Prof. Liebmann.

Alina Ada Lungu 3

In the context of her collage-like image language, Liebmann speaks of „Lungu-Cuts. What do we associate with the word cut? With a cut a film scene changes, with cuts are created collages, cuts injure our skin, our appearance. In the faces of Lungu´s portraits in particular, they seem to be intersections with which she appears painterly, layer by layer, into the interior of man.

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